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Allstate Insurance Introduction

A major player in the insurance business, Allstate Insurance is a popular choice in the state of Virginia. Allstate offers a number of insurance options to residents in Virginia. The majority of their business is conducted through independent captive agents and on their web site.

The Bottom Line

Due to the title of “worst Insurer” and the tremendous amount of negative reviews, we are unable to recommend Allstate Insurance in Virginia. There are a number of insurance companies with better ratings, reviews, service, and pricing available to Virginia residents. The number one ranked company is Erie Insurance Virginia.

Our Review of Allstate Insurance

Allstate Insurance is the 2nd biggest insurance provider in the United States. Their roots go back to 1931 when they were a division of the popular company, Sears.

If you own a television or radio, surely you have heard their motto: “Your in Good Hands With Allstate”. Like Geico insurance, Allstate focuses on heavy advertising to attract new customers. Unfortunately, companies that take this approach often times say only what they believe potential customers want to hear. We believe our collection of customer reviews echos the sentiment that Allstate does not deliver on their promises.

On a positive note, Allstate Insurance currently carries an A+ rating from A.M. Best. A.M. Best is the standard financial security rating company in the insurance industry. Most popular insurance companies carry an A+ rating and that rating should not be overlooked. As a customer, you want to know that your insurance company is financially stable.

We were disappointed to lean that Allsate Insurance was named worst Insurer in America by the AAJ. The title “worst Insurer” far outweighs their A+ rating. Worst Insurer speaks to Allstates customer service, pricing, and claims satisfaction; the kind of things that really matter to you.

Customer Reviews

Allstates Insurance’s A.M. Best rating and American Association for Justice (AAJ) ratings seem to contradict each other. As usual, we felt it was best to hit the streets and see what Allstate customers are saying about their insurance company. These reviews are not specific to Allstate Insurance Virginia, these reviews are taken from Allstate customers throughout the United States.

Visit the insuranceusa website for more Allstate Insurance Virginia customer reviews.

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