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GEICO Insurance Introduction

Known mostly for its reptilian mascot with the cute accent, GEICO has become one of the bigger players in the car insurance industry. With its commercial promises of lower rates and excellent service, the company’s marketing campaign continues to get customers from coast to coast. However, GEICO is also currently facing trouble, since the company’s high prices are actually coming into the spotlight. Reviews from the company’s older customers continue to get worse and worse each year.

The Bottom Line About GEICO Insurance

Though GEICO definitely has a very strong marketing campaign, it’s best not to believe the hype about this company. The insurance industry experts have claimed that GEICO’s customer service is one of the very worst, and some have even gone so far as to say that GEICO misleads customers when it comes to telling them what they need to do in order to file insurance claims. GEICO is also known for asking people to file multiple claims for a single accident, even if the police say that it should be a single claim. This often will cost customers a lot of money, and might actually lower the amount of money that the accident victim receives. Rudeness by staff is also a common complaint.

Customers who do not live in a “no fault state” such as New Jersey will not want to choose GEICO. This company is notorious for shifting the blame onto their customer in order to avoid having to pay the full price of the accident. If you are worried about possibly being cheated out of money by an insurance company, it’s best to avoid GEICO. As an alternative, we recommend companies with good claims reputation like Erie Insurance, Travelers Insurance, or The Hartford.

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Time is also a major problem with GEICO car insurance. GEICO’s “express work” is often delayed, and can cost commuters hundreds in rental fees. Filing can be a very difficult issue, and it’s not unusual to hear about how the money came late, or how reimbursement was much less than what was expected. GEICO is also known for delaying responses in order to avoid having to pay out the amounts that are supposed to be paid out.

Our Take On GEICO Insurance

Geico is a very well known insurance company, at least in terms of auto insurance. It has gotten high industry ratings, but the fact is that it is one of the lowest-rated in terms of customer service and payouts. It is also a lot more expensive than other insurance company premiums. Because of all of the complaints that have been filed against GEICO, it’s hard for us to consider suggesting this company to those who are looking for a bargain. Would we suggest GEICO to someone who wants to be able to count on their car insurance policy? Absolutely not.

Customer Reviews Of Geico

Reviews and complaints from GEICO customers speak for themselves. The following complaints come from, a consumer awareness site.

“Geico has taken a car accident on a car that is worth under $3,000, and separated it into several claims, each estimate for repair on each claim is just under my deductible. This makes it so, my car will cost me more than its worth to get fixed, and Geico pays nothing. The adjuster Chris ** was rude and didn’t listen when I informed him this was one accident. I told him I had spoken with a police officer and a CHP officer (who recreated accidents), and they agree this should be a single claim. Geico clearly is the worst insurance. I am a 100% disabled veteran, and this is how they treat people. I have learned my lesson. Stay away if you are looking for coverage. The insurance isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. They con you into full coverage on a car, that isn’t worth much, and when you need to use it, they find a way to not pay. I hope someone can learn from my hard knocks. I lost about $3000.00 not including the waste in payments I made for insurance.”

Chelsea From Laguna Beach

“Might as well get a second or third tier insurer since Geico sucks so bad.”

Larry of Jackson Heights

“I waited a year with a wrecked motorcycle in my yard, only to be told “Tough ***”. Now I have a totaled bike, and no recourse.”

Edward of Ramona, California

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